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6th-Jan-2010 01:23 pm - Gross.
I've never had a bloody nose before today. I'm not so good with blood, but it seems to keep coming. I blame the dry heat.
11th-Dec-2009 05:39 pm - Glad that's done!
I just took my Final for the Geology class I've been taking. I did fairly well, but I gots to say-- I'll never take another science class online again. Shew.
4th-Dec-2009 11:58 am(no subject)
Autobots tattoo
Dear World:

I have a UTI and will claw your eyes out if you come anywhere near me today unless you are coming near me to give me antibiotics or money.

Your Friend,
1st-Dec-2009 10:03 am - Regressing
I want to play D&D and build LEGO structures. All I want for Christmas is to be 15 again.
18th-Nov-2009 09:03 pm - A WINNER IS ME
Check this out: http://hungryhungryveganos.wordpress.com/2009/11/17/go-max-go-giveaway-winners/

I totally won. I won, I won, I won!

16th-Nov-2009 11:15 am(no subject)
I don't feel so good.
15th-Nov-2009 05:59 pm - Interesting Allergy-Related Stuff
I learned a few years ago that I'm allergic to sulfa medications (thanks to an antibiotic I was on for my annual UTI). Last week, I bought some black salt to flavor my vegan tofu "eggs" (tofu mcvegans and tofu omelets and tofu scramble). After I ate some yesterday, I felt really queasy and nauseas, and I thought it was just a stomach bug. But then I had more today and felt about the same. I was puzzled because I first blamed the tofu. But that didn't make sense because I eat soy on, like, a constant basis. Then, the nate said "Maybe it's the black salt." And I stopped to think that the sulfur in the salt is what gives it that uniquely eggy taste, and it hit me that sulfur/sulfa are in the same family and if I'm allergic to one, I might very well be allergic to the other. Makes sense.

Sucks, but at least I've solved that mystery. And I was going to make tofu egg salad this week, too. Boo.
13th-Nov-2009 10:45 am - for the creepers

It’s been something of a tumultuous week. On one hand, I was super busy studying for a Geology exam that I ultimately failed. And on the other hand, I’ve been questioning and pondering everything that I’ve ever known about human relationships.

I do declare that the best course of action at this point is to look forward to my weekend. I think we will go out and shoot some hoops and be merry.

I tried to sign up for another online course for the spring semester. It’s a Sociology course called “Crime and Delinquency.” It sounds fascinating to me, but my waiver hasn’t gone through yet. I think it got lost in the mail. So, I am not, as of now, enrolled in the class. I’m wondering if this might be a good thing, and I should just let it lapse. The Geology class has taken up a good chunk of my free time, and I don’t know if I want to do that again since I’m not really working towards a degree or anything. It’s just for fun. And I don’t know that it is fun.


Been watching Frisky Dingo lately. Good show.

9th-Nov-2009 10:06 am(no subject)
Autobots tattoo

Sometimes, when I hear a song I haven’t heard in years, it makes me unbearably sad.


I know we're just like old friends
We just can't pretend
That lovers make amends
We are reasons so unreal
We can't help but feel that something has been lost

But please you know you're just like me
Next time I promise we'll be
Perfect strangers down the line
Lovers out of time
Memories unwind

So far I still know who you are
But now I wonder who I was...

Angel, you know it's not the end
We'll always be good friends
The letters have been sent on

So please, you always were so free
You'll see, I promise we'll be
Perfect strangers when we meet
Strangers on the street
Lovers while we sleep

You know this has to be
We always we're so free
We promised that we'd be



4th-Nov-2009 08:52 am - cycles of jerkness
Autobots tattoo
People are real jerks when you get right down to it. I try to live my life as an optimist and believe that people do things for the “right reasons” and aren’t just out for their own interests.  But every so often, I just get so jaded that I erupt into disappointment-induced depression for a few days. Then I get undepressed and forget why I hate people so much. About this time, I start believing in goodness again. Inevitably, they do not deliver on my expectations and I get depressed again. This is how I live my life.
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