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This is my life
and it's rockin' one day at a time.
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22nd-May-2010 05:15 pm - Union Station
I'll be at Union Station for another 4 hours and 45 minutes 'til my next train leaves for Boston. These are not the funnest of times. But, at least there is free wi-fi.
4th-Apr-2010 07:26 pm(no subject)
I saw Hot Tub Time Machine again today.

When it comes out, I'm going to buy it and have a Hot Tub Time Machine screening party.
8th-Mar-2010 10:29 am - Stuff that is good.
I had a most fun and productive weekend. I ran a bunch and played tennis with some friends and called my parents. I also avoided spending heap loads of money on anything, which is always a good thing. It’s like I’m in control of my money. But, I’m not really. I’m going to buy a spiffy bike as soon as my birthday money comes rolling in. I picked out this one at the Clean Machine in Carrboro. I’m going to be a cool biker chick. So long, germy bus!

I’m also planning a trip to Maine in May. The expenses keep piling up, and this is why I do not have children. I am unwilling to make these kinds of sacrifices. Although, I would really like to be an Auntie and a dog owner someday.

Right now, I don’t have solid birthday plans. I do have the day off (Friday), and it’s going to be around 70 degrees and rainy. I’m kind of thinking I’ll spend the day in my underpants playing video games and eating Lemonades. But, that’s not a solid plan yet. I’ll probably squeeze in some gym time that day, too, just because I’ve got only 3 months left to train for the GToD.

It’s spring break this week, so all those jerk kids are out of town. Which also means I have no homework due this week. It was nice of them to plan that around my birthday. Tonight is supposed to be pretty nice, so we’re going to meet our friends on the b-ball court after work. My knee is kind of doing the ouch today, so I’ll just bring along the Tylenol and IcyHot and hope for the best.

I think that’s all I have to report. I chewed my finger until it bled, and now it hurts. Maybe I’ll wrap some scotch tape around it.
1st-Mar-2010 08:50 pm - Run run run run run run run away
I know it's the most pretentious thing ever to talk about how much you run and stuff, but I just started running seriously (because the elliptical machine in the gym has been broken for 2+ weeks now), and I've got to say... I really like it. When I'm done, I'm all sweaty like I had an actual workout. Far too long, I've been walking when I could have been running. I mean, I've been running off and on for years, battling injuries and boredom and depression. But I have this funny feeling I'll stick with it this time.

In other news, I must hit the bike store sometime soon so I can start cycling 'round town. I'm going to be a cool biker chick.
26th-Feb-2010 06:08 pm(no subject)
I just had 2 fillings done and the novocaine is starting to wear off and I'm a BIG BABY about blood and pain. *cries!!*

You can't see me, but I'm slapping the air frantically with both hands with my eyes closed and making what my coworker calls the "Sabrina nose" because it's all scrunched up. It's my way of trying to get the image of bloody tooth out of my brain.
17th-Feb-2010 10:26 am - Aunt Susie
Nate's right: I want to be an Auntie. Someone, please have a cute kid that I can love and have influence over on a somewhat limited, yet fun, basis.
5th-Feb-2010 11:25 am - Chaplin History
This day in 1936: Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" premieres in NYC. One of my all-time favorite films.
27th-Jan-2010 09:50 am - Logistics
I'm really good at getting super excited about something without totally thinking it through first. And then I tackle the bumps in the road as I go. Works for me.

Right now, I'm trying to figure out how best to train for the swimming portion of the triathlon in June. Swimming class or free swim? Do I splurge on the membership to the indoor pool or wait and train outside in April or May (COLD!)? Is there anyone I can drag with me so I don't feel vulnerable and lonely?

I need a new suit, too. Exercise is expensive.

My head feels heavy. My office makes me dizzy. I think it's the residual chemicals from the labs that surround me.
14th-Jan-2010 10:27 am(no subject)
Autobots tattoo
I wish a random stranger would hit on me so I could have a feel-good-moment-ego-boost. I need one of those right now.
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